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Glass Processing
ALICO Egypt has established a glass division not to offer glass processing services to Aluminium division only but to offer to local and international market wide services for industrial and architectural products.

ALICO glass division has built up comprehensive production lines to offer range of quality products which include the following:-
Glass cutting:
- CNC Annealed glass cutting using BYstronic machine suitable for glass thickness 4 mm to 19 mm and sizes up to 6100 mm x 3300 mm with a production capacity of 500 m2per shift.
Glass polishing:
- Polishing machine CMB with nine cutting tools with nine motors and one belt suitable for glass thickness 4mm to 20 mm with a production capacity of 500 m2 per shift.
Glass arising:
- Arising machine TnoppDuplokant suitable for glass thickness 4 mm to 20 mm with a production capacity of 5000 linear meter per shift.
Glass Grinding
- Grinding line consist of three grinding machines including doplokant (KNOPP) machine is able to chamfer upper and lower edges as well as a round grinding machines for curved glass applications.
Glass Drilling
- Drilling machine BUSETTI with top and bottom cutting tools suitable for glass thickness 3 mm to 40 mm with min glass size is 140 mm x 220 mm.
Glass Tempering and Heat Strengthened
- Tempering line from TAMGLASS suitable for glass thickness 4 mm to 19 mm, size; min size 200 mm x 300 mm, max size 2400 mm x 4800 mm with production capacity of 750 m2 per shift.
Glass Insulation
- Insulation double glass lines from LISEC offers a wide range of products using different spacers sizes from 6 mm to 20 mm and using either structural silicon or normal beside producing standard and stepped units with production capacity of 6000 square meter per month.
Glass Silk Screen Printing
- Latest technology printing line has been recently added to serve industrial section with availability of white, black, bronze, blue, red & green colors.
Glass Sandblasting